Craig's big road trip

Day 26 - Gainesville to Titusville
The starting point
Day 1 - Seattle to Yakima
Day 2 - Yakima to Bend
Day 3 - Bend to Mt. Shasta
Day 4 - Mt. Shasta to Oakdale
Day 5 - Oakdale to Tehachapi
Yosemite National Park
Day 6 - Tehachapi to Las Vegas
Day 7-10 in Las Vegas
Day 11 - Las Vegas to Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon N.P.
Day 12 - Grand Canyon to Kayenta
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Day 14 - Kayenta to Telluride
Day 15 - Telluride
Day 16 - Telluride to Glenwood Springs
Day 17 - Glenwood Springs to Idaho Springs
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Day 19 - Golden to Amarillo
Day 20 - Amarillo to Tyler
Day 21 - Tyler to Lake Charles
Day 22 - Lake Charles to Waveland
Day 24 - Waveland to Pensacola
Day 25 - Pensacola to Gainesville
Day 26 - Gainesville to Titusville
Day 27 - Kennedy Space Center
Day 28 - Titusville to Clearwater
The finishing point

Saturday April 26, 2003.
I tolerated Interstate 75 south for about thirty minutes before peeling off onto the smaller and slower state road 441 for an easier run down to Ocala, the equestrian capital of Florida.
I enjoyed an Ocala lunch in a 60's style cafe and then proceeded east on state road 40 through the Ocala National Forest until I reached the Atlantic Ocean at Daytona Beach.
Today was the first time in my life to see the Atlantic Ocean.  It was a sunny Saturday with a full crowd of swimmers and a carnival atmosphere around the boardwalk tourist attractions.
Running low on memory stick capacity in my camera and even lower on tolerance for the harsh beach sunlight, I continued south on Route 1 to my planned destination for the day: Titusville.  Why Titusville?  Because it's right next to NASA's Kennedy Space Centre - home of the space shuttle and the site for all NASA's rocket launches.  I'll be visiting NASA tomorrow.  (I want to report those aliens that I saw in Pensacola Beach yesterday.)

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