Craig's big road trip

Day 1 - Seattle to Yakima

The starting point
Day 1 - Seattle to Yakima
Day 2 - Yakima to Bend
Day 3 - Bend to Mt. Shasta
Day 4 - Mt. Shasta to Oakdale
Day 5 - Oakdale to Tehachapi
Yosemite National Park
Day 6 - Tehachapi to Las Vegas
Day 7-10 in Las Vegas
Day 11 - Las Vegas to Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon N.P.
Day 12 - Grand Canyon to Kayenta
Day 13 - Monument Valley
Day 14 - Kayenta to Telluride
Day 15 - Telluride
Day 16 - Telluride to Glenwood Springs
Day 17 - Glenwood Springs to Idaho Springs
Day 18 - Idaho Springs to Golden
Day 19 - Golden to Amarillo
Day 20 - Amarillo to Tyler
Day 21 - Tyler to Lake Charles
Day 22 - Lake Charles to Waveland
Day 24 - Waveland to Pensacola
Day 25 - Pensacola to Gainesville
Day 26 - Gainesville to Titusville
Day 27 - Kennedy Space Center
Day 28 - Titusville to Clearwater
The finishing point

Tuesday April 1, 2003.
I departed from Heather and Remick's Normandy Park house in Seattle's southwest, just before noon under mostly cloudy skies.
I headed south on Interstate Highway 5, amid rushing traffic and breaking heavy rain.  A while later I exited the freeway onto Highway 512 East, and minutes after that, turned south on Highway 7 towards Mount Rainier, leaving the traffic and the rain behind.
Highway 7 led me to Milton, in the southwest foothills of Mount Rainier which was hidden from my view by a heavy shroud of mist and cloud.  At Milton I turned east onto Highway 12 which took me over a mountain pass, cresting above the snowline at 4,400 feet above sea level, and down to a town called Yakima, where I stayed for the night.
I checked in to the Oxford Inn almost exactly seven hours after leaving Seattle.
Distance travelled today:  200 miles
Total driving distance for trip:  200 miles
Driving time in motion:  5 hours
Average speed while in motion: 40 mph

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