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My nephew Glen is kicking off his new career after majoring in environmental studies at university.  Having learned the ropes in the Melbourne head office of Bush Heritage Australia, he has been offered the chance of a lifetime - to manage a 2,000 square kilometre property in outback Australia, with a mission to rehabilitate the natural flora and fauna of the land.
My brother Allan (Glen's dad) and I helped Glen to relocate to the Bon Bon Station Reserve in early October 2009.  Here's the concise version of the pictorial story.

The destination is Bon Bon Station Reserve, a property measuring about 70 kilometres from north to south and about 30 kilometres west to east, situated between Woomera and Coober Pedy in outback South Australia.

More info about the property and Bush Heritage Australia is available here:

Allan drives the truck for the first leg of the 1,600 km journey from Wagga Wagga to Bon Bon.  Here the road from Hay to Balranald is straight, flat and bumpy.  The photographer struggled to hold the camera steady and level:

A billboard near Balranald encourages us to be mindful of the speed limits:

The overcast skies were behind us by the time we passed through Mildura.  The afternoon sun makes for a better photo of the truck carrying Glen's most treasured possessions:

Driving northwest from Port Augusta towards Woomera, the landscape becomes flat and devoid of tall trees.  We stop to rest at a lookout near Island Lagoon:

The Stuart Highway is the main road running up and through the centre of Australia from Port Augusta to Darwin.  For Glen, it's the road to his future.

I take my turn to drive Glen's car behind the truck.  Keeping me company is Mo, Glen's Jack Russell dog.  Mo slept most of the way:

The Stuart Highway passes through the southwest corner of Bon Bon.  When we turn off the highway onto the property, it's still 21 kilometres to the homestead.  That's the longest driveway I've ever seen to anyone's house!

The final turnoff to the homestead.  Still 4 kilometres to go:

After two days and 1,600 kilometres of driving, we arrive at the Bon Bon homestead.  Glen celebrates with a cold beer.  "I'm pinching myself.  I can't believe I'm here!" he says between gulps of ice cold Coopers:

We're here to help Nature get back on her feet:

As the sun sets, Glen ponders his new responsibilities and the adventure ahead of him:

Magical light illuminates the land just after the horizon swallows the sun:

The next morning, Monday October 5: it's time to unload the truck and start setting up Glen's new life.

Abundant sunshine provides most of the electrical power for the homestead.  The backup diesel generator only kicks in after prolonged cloudy skies during the summer wet season.

Bon Bon has its own airstrip.  The Royal Flying Doctor Service can land here if there's ever the need for emergency medical help.

The big sky......

..... necessitates a big hat:

Glen relaxes with his best friend....

Glen passes on his deepest appreciation to outgoing volunteer caretakers of the property, Carol and Paul.  They've done a great job to look after Bon Bon since it was purchased jointly by the South Australian and Federal Governments and then handed over to Bush Heritage Australia for management some 18 months ago.

I got up at sunrise on the third day to take one last walk around the paddocks near the homestead.  I'll miss Bon Bon.  I didn't really have the time to see enough of it.  I look forward to going back there some day.  But I left Bon Bon in very capable hands.  Bon Bon and Glen will be good for each other.

All photographs on this page copyright by Craig Norris.  All rights reserved.