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 Photography is a very personal thing.  It's a way of externalising and publishing our perception of the world and our lives.  And being so personal, it is prone to extremely individual preferences and opinions.
Photography isn't just about the end result: a photograph in the hand, on the screen, or in a frame.  It's also about the process.  It's about the pleasure and satisfaction derived from the very activity of seizing a moment in time and trapping its unique pattern of light waves in our camera, and then later reproducing those light waves as best as we can in a print.
Therefore when my photography students ask me for advice about the best camera to buy, or the difference between film and digital cameras,  it sometimes isn't easy to give a simple answer because one's choice has so much to do with the personal reasons and purposes that a person may have for participating in photography.
To help provide more complete answers and insights for my students, I will publish here from time to time some essays on topics which I feel might be relevant to the interests and concerns of the photography community.  In some cases I might write an essay just to get something off my chest.  Forgive me for indulging myself in such a way, but please understand that my purpose is to stimulate thought and to help bring about a better understanding of the subject and the activity of photography.
I thank you for taking the time to read my essays, and I invite you to email me if you feel strongly for or against any point of view that I may present.
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