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Hong Kong is my adopted home.  In contrast to my home town in Australia, this place explodes daily with human life and energy.  It's not easy to describe Hong Kong, so I lend you my eyes by showing you some of my photographs of this spectacular city and other places that I visit.

I hope you enjoy the view through this little window I have created for you.

As much as I like trying to capture the essence of a place in a photograph, I find that capturing the essence of a person is even more rewarding.  Why?  Because the person can openly enjoy and appreciate the portrait you make for them.  A landscape doesn't care if you photograph it or not.  I therefore also share some portraits with you here.  There is beauty in everyone.  Capturing and preserving a representation of that beauty is a valuable pursuit.
I also take great pleasure and satisfaction in hosting some images from students of my Photography Workshops.  You can see the blossoming skill of those students in the Guest Photographer pages.


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