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Full spectrum lighting

Daylight balance lighting products for photography, handicrafts, art and study

Full spectrum lighting allows us to see things in their true colours. Full spectrum lighting is also good for our health and wellbeing. It is essential for photography, handicrafts, artwork, and long periods of reading (study).

tungsten lighting

Tungsten light bulbs give out very little blue light.
The result is a very orange-brown light as seen above.

Ottlite 13W task lamp

Ottlite "Truecolor" lamps give a natural daylight colour balance, resulting in correct perception of colours, and comfortable reading.

See the examples here, to understand the difference between normal indoor lighting, and Ottlite full spectrum lighting.  Ottlite lamps allow us to see very close to natural colours.  See the book "Health and Light" by Dr. John Ott.

fluorescent lighting

Fluorescent tubes give an unnatural colour balance, resulting in a greenish light, as seen above.

Ottlite (folded)

The Ottlite folding design allows a flexible arrangement of the lighting mood.

Alkira Technologies is a reseller of Ottlite natural lighting products.

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