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The Digital Camera Workshop is a weekday evening class.
Topics covered are:
1.  Digital Camera Basics  -  explanation of digital camera workings
2.  White Balance  -  What is it?  When and how to set it.
3.  "ISO"  -  What is it?  When and how to set it.
4.  Resolution & Image Size  -  What they are and how to set them.
5.  Exposure compensation and the histogram - how to use them.
6.  "Photoshop"  -  Intro to adjusting digital images in the computer.
Class hours:    7:30pm to 10:30pm
Workshop fee:   HK$650
Private one-on-one tuition is available by arrangement.  Weekday afternoon or morning classes are available by arrangement.

When a digital camera is operated correctly, it can provide image quality that is equal to, and in some circumstances better than, film camera image quality.
Sample images below were captured with a Sony DSC-F717 digital camera.

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