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This workshop has been conducted almost monthly times since May 2002.  The feedback from the students is always enthusiastic.  Here are some examples of the comments from past workshop graduates:

"Thank you so much for everything, joining your photography class was the best thing I've done since I got out here in Hong Kong.   Meeting you and Richard and all  the others in the group has given me such inspiration, joy and pleasure. I feel alive again.   Leaving the studio yesterday I felt a bit sad knowing that the class has come to an end. I hope there will be more classes in the near future, but for now I'll definitely be taking lot more pictures."   - Y.S.

"Just a note to say a big THANK YOU, for such an enjoyable course.  We all had so much laughter and fun.  And all found you both to be the best people to teach such a course."    - K.L.

"Superb instruction by knowledgeable and dedicated teachers.  A well thought out syllabus that will take the novice through the ABCs of photography, while emphasizing those points most important in the art of taking a good photo."  - M.Z.

"It was my third time learning the basics of photography and I finally know what I'm doing.  This course is practical.  Craig helped me to choose my ideal camera and taught me how to use it.  Both Richard and Craig are very patient and attentive to every single question I asked.  I am very pleased with my progress."  - Z.L.

"The photo class is superb and yet very relaxing.  It is terribly well organized from lecture notes to field trips.  Class size is small, ten people max, and you will have lots of opportunities to ask questions."   - S.V.

"I would seriously recommend this course as a great value for money, a lot of fun, and genuinely useful in developing a better understanding of both practical and theoretical photography."   - T.S.